Car Hauler

5/1/15: ROADCHECK 2015 inspections set for early June.  This is an annual inspection blitz done in a coordinated effort by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and state and local law enforcement officials.  We are hearing a couple conflicting dates, but it looks like the 72 hour inspection period will probably be June 2-4 or June 4-6.  Approximately 10,000 inspectors will be working at 1,500 inspection sites throughout North America.  This year's emphasis will be cargo securement.

Now is a good time to do your own inspection of your tie-downs.  Make sure your straps are not nicked or frayed.  They also shouldn't have any knots.  If you have more than 1/4 inch total nicks across the transverse of a two inch strap, or 1/2 inch of nicks across a four inch cargo strap, you should replace the strap.  One nick could be at the hook end of the strap, and the other nick could be down the strap several feet-- the inspectors will add the longest nick they find on the left side to the amount of the longest nick they find on the right hand side.  

However, if your straps don't look ratty, they're going to be much less likely to spend time inspecting every inch of your straps.  In addition to focusing on cargo securement, they will also be doing the full 37-step Level 1 inspections.  Here is some more information published by Overdrive magazine.