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2 pack Peerless Quickbinder and 2 3/8 x 10 ft Grab Hook and Safety Hook Grade 70 Chains USPS Priority Shipping Included!

PRICE IS FOR 2 CHAINS. AND 2 PEERLESS QUICKBINDER PLUS RATCHETS. Each chain has one clevis grab hook and one clevis safety hook with latch. 10 feet long.

Availability: Call for Availability
Ships From: Dallas, TX
Length: 10 ft
Chain WLL Grade 70: 6,600 lbs
Chain Hook Style: Clevis Grab, Clevis Safety Latch
Chain Link Diameter: 3/8 inch
Shipping Included: 50 States & Puerto Rico

Our Price: $163.60
Ships from: Dallas, TX
Special Shipping: This product is shipped by USPS Large FR Box
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