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4 x 40 Strap with Chain and Grab Tail (6 per box) INCLUDES SHIPPING!

SKU: AH-DM-440CTx6
4" x 40 foot cargo strap with Chain and Grab Tail. 5400 lbs WLL Price is for BOX of 6 AND INCLUDES SHIPPING TO 48 STATES... (sorry Alaska and Hawaii... I'm not buying a box of straps an airplane ticket.)

Free Shipping: Continental USA ONLY
Availability: In Stock
Ships From: College Park, GA
Length: 40 ft
Hook Style: Chain and Grab hook

Our Price: $132.82 ($22.14 each)
Sale Price: $129.95 ($21.66 each)
Ships from: College Park, GA
Special Shipping: This product is shipped by UPS Ground