How to check shipping cost

How to check shipping cost

 Save Time & Money!


    • Track your order online.Look up your old orders.
    • Compare prices for similar items made by different manufacturers!
    • Shipping Quotes! (now you can get them yourself!)
    • Get UPS tracking numbers emailed to you automatically!


Shipping Quotes

 Want to know EXACTLY how much shipping will cost? It's easy!


    • Click "Add to Cart" next to the item you're interested in purchasing. Update item quantities if necessary.
    • When the order looks complete, enter your zip code and click the "Calculate Shipping" button.
    • (If you have logged in, you can instead just click on the "To Checkout" button to get shipping calculated.)
    • We don't charge handling fees, and we pass our shipping discount on to you.  We don't play games with increasing the price of the product or lowering quality so we can offer something for "free". We believe in total value:  the best product we can make combined with the best service and most efficient shipping method. (i.e., pulled from a warehouse closer to you.)