Cluster Chain Questions

Important questions to ask about cluster chains

If you are new to car hauling, here are some important questions to ask about replacement cluster chain assemblies.

1. Is the chain 5/16 or 1/4 link diameter?

2. Is the chain made, and the assembly welded together in the USA?

3. What is the working load limit (WLL) of the ASSEMBLY?

4. Does the cluster have a forged J hook or the cheaper S hook?

5. Is the assembly rated at 4,700 LBS WLL?

6. Are the hooks in the cluster plated with dichromate, or are they bare steel?

7. How much will the shipping be? (Chains are heavy!)

8. Is the chain in stock? When will it ship? Will you get tracking information emailed?

9. Does the chain have the right pitch for your trailer's chain ratchets? (Alot of chain out there is long-link!)

If you have any questions about the cluster chains we sell, please call 503-786-6057.