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6' 5/16"' G70 Cluster Chain with RTJG hooks

5/16 short pitch chain for auto transport trailers. 4700 lb WLL. Full 4 hook head includes: R, T, J and Grab hook.

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Ships From: Dallas, TX
Fits Trailers: Boydstun Chain, Cottrell Chain Truck, Delavan 2000 or Newer, Enclosed Trailer, JM Trailer, Kaufman, Lugo, Miller Trailer, Sun Country 2006 or Older, Sun Country 2007 or Newer, Sun Valley 2006 or Older, Sun Valley 2007 or Newer, Take 3, Wally Mo
Chain WLL Grade 70: 4,700 lbs

Our Price: $43.35
Ships from: Dallas, TX