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Chain Grab Wheel Strap w Cleats- SJ or Wire hooks(2) and a Grab Hook

This Wheel Strap is made to hook into existing chains on your carhauler.
The "Dealers Auto Express Strap"!
Default is Blue Diamond Weave, but also comes in Gold Diamond Weave.
Comes with a Swivel-J hook or Wirehook at one end, 3 rubber cleats and 4 stoppers, then a Swivel-J Hook idler or Wirehook, and a Chain Grab hook on the other end. comes in 8ft and 9ft lengths.
Made to order, not a stock item.

Availability: Production Time 2-4 days
Ships From: Dallas, TX
Hook Style: Swivel j hook, Chain and Grab hook
Length: 8 ft, 9 ft
Spacers: Yes
Tread grabs: 3 tread grabs

List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $18.95
Ships from: Dallas, TX
Length- Color- and Hook style:
Call (866) 855-4285 to order