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GATOR Lasso strap for Sun Valley trailer

2 inch by 8 foot lasso strap with steel ring, heavy duty delta ring sewn to other end so you can tighten wheel strap with your existing auto tie down chains. WLL 3000 lbs. Made in USA ***Made with 19,600 LB breaking strength webbing... the heaviest in the industry!*** Comes with wear pad to avoid wear and abrasion.

Availability: In Stock
Ships From: Butler, PA
Color: Yellow
Fits Trailers: Miller Trailer, Sun Country 2006 or Older, Sun Valley 2006 or Older
Hook Style: Steel ring
Idler: 0 idler hooks
Length: 8 ft
Ratchet handle included?: No, Yes
Spacers: No
Tread grabs: 0 tread grabs

Our Price: $19.95
Ships from: Butler, PA
Gator or basic version: