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2" Conspicuity DOT Tape 6" Red/6"White- 2ft (24") sections


By request from walk in customers! Now available in precut 12" or 24" pieces (6" Red/6" White).

Please use Quantity as a number for how many 12" or 24" pieces or how many feet you would like to order!

Yes, you are paying a bit more compared to a full roll, but we have to pay our guys to measure and cut it for you.
Advantage is that you won't have a bunch of extra tape, you don't know what to do with.

DOT TAPE Our reflective conspicuity markings are designed to enhance visibility and detection.
Our retro-reflective markings consist of an even, smooth, Transparent exterior film with retro-reflective elements, this is embedded beneath the film therefore it forms a non-exposed retro-reflective optical system.
DOT Certified

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