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Big Red 15' (Heavy Duty) Telescoping Height Measuring Stick with 4' Arm -Version 2

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It's big, it's red (actually dark orange), and it's now(2014, time flies) improved even more!

This is the latest V2 version of the AutoHauler Supply designed best selling height measuring stick.
The V2 comes with a new arm bracket, making it "double sided", for right hand or left hand use!
(the V2 was actually introduced back in 2014)

This 15 ft height pole with 4 ft horizontal swing arm features the strongest hardware and the thickest fiberglass tubes.

Best of all, it collapses down to 4' 5" long, making it the easiest height stick to store!
(Another AutoHauler Supply first: make height sticks in 4 sections instead of 3, to make them easier to store. We see that the other companies are now copying this idea too, just a few years later!)

Our design uses an oversized wing screw, to make it the sturdier, simpler (fewer parts that can break) solution, and our faster to snap in place white nylon buttons.

A nice heavy duty nylon storage bag is also included!
This is the original 4 stage REDSTICK invented by AutoHaulerSupply, with laser engraved numbers.

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Length: 15 ft

Our Price: $169.95
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Ships from: Dallas, TX