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Basket Wheel Strap and Ratchet, w 10 ft lasso

Adjustable basket wheel strap and ratchet handle. Includes front strap, top strap and 10 ft lasso strap. Choice of hook type (Twisted Snap Hook, Flat Snap Hook, Double-J Wire Hook, E-track, etc.) on ratchet end, idler, and strap end Yellow ONLY

Availability: In Stock
Ships From: Butler, PA
Color: Yellow
Fits Trailers: Enclosed Trailer
Hook Style: 10k wire hook, e-track clip flat, Flat Snap Hook, Twisted Snap Hook
Idler: 1 idler hook
Length: 10 ft
Ratchet handle included?: Yes
Spacers: No
Tread grabs: 0 tread grabs

Our Price: $42.32
Ships from: Butler, PA
Type of Hooks: