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Horizontal E-Track Wheel Strap 9ft w NEW Low Profile Roller Idler

This auto tie down strap features a standard fixed E track clip at the end of a 2 X 9 strap. Idler is our new Low Profile Roller Idler.(see pictures below) Three rubber tread grabbers to keep strap positioned on tire. Ratchet handle included. 1000 LB working load limit

Admin Only: Admin Only
Availability: Production Time 2-4 days
Ships From: Tualatin, OR
Color: Yellow
Fits Trailers: Enclosed Trailer
Hook Style: e-track clip flat, E-Track Low Profile Idler
Idler: 1 idler hook
Length: 9 ft
Ratchet handle included?: Yes
Spacers: Yes
Tread grabs: 3 tread grabs

Our Price: $30.99
Ships from: Tualatin, OR
Call (866) 855-4285 to order