UPS Maps

Get your wheel straps, tie-down bars and height sticks shipped F  A   S  T !


FYI:  we have a LOT of product in a lot of places now, so if you are on a tight schedule, please give us a call so we can help you get your order as quickly as possible.  Take a look at the UPS ground shiping maps that show where our straps are shipping from now.  When using these maps, please assume your order ships the next business day.  And keep in mind, UPS counts business days, not calendar days.  So for example: if you live in Jacksonville, Florida and you ordered some straps on Monday afternoon, they would ship from Atlanta on Tuesday and you would receive them on Wednesday.  In some cases, your order will ship same day as received, but keep in mind that UPS has different pickup times at different warehouses, and it does take the guys a few minutes to pull your order and get it labeled and ready to go.  For instance in Butler, PA, UPS has been showing up to pick up as early as 2pm, so if you order something that ships out of there at 1:30 PM, it will probably  ship the following day, because the guys are going to be scrambling to get all the orders ready to go that were placed before 1:30 PM

Why do we have so many shipping locations?  

Over the last ten years, we've added different manufacturers.  They have kindly agreed to stock product for immediate shipment.  This saves you money in shipping cost as well as saves you time.  

Why are some products "shipping included" and other ones have shipping cost?

On some products like cluster chains, we create package deals that have flat rate shipping "baked into" the cost of the deal. For big bulky items like ratchet wheel straps, we can't fit tht many into a US postal service box, so it makes more sense to ship via UPS.  It's not the same as free shipping.  Free shipping really doesn't exist, if you think about it.  The end user always pays for shipping either inside the product cost, or as a separate shipping fee.  If anyone ever offers you "free shipping" be sure to get quotes from other suppliers, and compare your bottom line as well as the quality of the goods.  At Autohauler Supply, we charge less than UPS published rates, because we get significant discounts from them.  We make money on our products, not the shipping cost.  

[Shipping time from both Atlanta warehouses]

[shipping time from Elkhart, Indiana warehouse]