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Non-Skid Brush/Roll-On GALLON (4 pk case-Solvent base)

SKU: MP-MG29E9031L-4
4 Gallon Box of our Solvent Based Monster Non-Skid Paint
This is an uniquely formulated Solvent based Paint with a Super-Tough Epoxy Binder to provide a durable, textured surface for safe foot traffic in wet conditions.
This is a solvent based paint, which means it will not freeze while shipped, during the winter months. (Still needs to be 60 degrees or warmer, when applied!)
Only Ships UPS Ground.
We can't ship this solvent based paint to any address in California, due to EPA regulations, please order the water based version!

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Ships From: Dana Point, CA

Our Price: $399.98
Ships from: Dana Point, CA
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