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4 Pack Car Hauler Lasso Straps with Ratchet Handles

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4 pack of 8ft lasso strap with steel ring (10' option available). Comes complete with ratchet handle and your choice of ratchet hook ends. 12,000lbs strap material, 3000lbs WLL (Non Standard options like 6" Ratchet Tail might require one day extra for production)

Availability: In Stock
Ships From: Butler, PA
Color: Yellow, Red, Black, Blue
Fits Trailers: Kaufman, Sun Country 2007 or Newer, Take 3, Wally Mo
Hook Style: Sewn loop, Steel ring
Length: 8 ft, 10 ft
Ratchet handle included?: Yes

Our Price: $81.49 ($20.38 each)
Ships from: Butler, PA
Lasso Strap Length:
Lasso End:
Protective Sleeves:
Ratchet Handle End:
Ratchet Saver for no rubrail trailer: