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39 inch tie-down bar for car hauler

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39 inch tie down bar is the preferred length for car haulers with 5/16th inch diameter chain on their chain trucks. Has a deep knurling for a better grip!
WARNING 1: this bar should only be used with 5/16" inch diameter chain. Use of this bar with 1/4 inch chain or with chain that has damaged links can break the chain and may result in driver injury and possible damage to vehicles.
Warning 2: use of this bar to over-tighten ratchet boxes to "make load height" will result in a bent bar. NO REPLACEMENTS WILL BE OFFERED. Use of the 39 inch bar to overtighten chain ratchets is dangerous, and can result in unexpected outcomes. If you lose your grip on the bar while over-tightening, you run the risk of launching the bar through the air, and/or injuring yourself. Use no more than 100 lbs of force on the end of this bar when tightening.

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