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Pair of Fully Adjustable Tow Dolly Straps (w Hook Options)(now for 12"-18" tires)

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Fully Adjustable Tow Dolly Basket Strap, Yellow, Fits Wheels from 12 - 18 Inch, w a max tread width of 9". Has 3 Adjustments on the 4 Inch Top Strap and 3 Adjustments on the 2 Inch Short Leg with choice of Hook (standard Flat Hook, Double-J Wire Hook, Horizontal E-track, and Sewn Loop). WLL: 3,000 lbs, Breaking Strength: 12,000 lbs.

Availability: In Stock
Ships From: Butler, PA
Color: Yellow
Hook Style: 10k wire hook, Sewn loop, Flat Hook, e-track clip bull ring, e-track clip flat, Flat Snap Hook, Twisted Snap Hook

List Price: $74.95
Our Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $49.95
Ships from: Butler, PA
Hook Styles Front Strap:
Top Strap for Regular or Oversize Tires:
2 foot protective sleeve: