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Wedge Car Hauler Straps

Here you will find ratchet wheel strap systems to fit trailers like:

Kaufman, Take 3, Big Tex, Quality, Appalachian and other wedge car hauling trailers, or flatbeds with stake pockets and rubrails.

We sell a lot of our Extra Heavy Duty Big Orange Lasso Straps, box of 14- 10ft Lassos with Heavy Duty Swivel-J hook Ratchets.
Works great for Kaufman trailer, is a great price, but are only sold by the box of 14. Not in singles.

If you need single lasso straps, please check out our line of Diamond Weave straps made in TX.
Diamond Weave is a patented for abrasion resistance, very nice long lasting strap material.

If you ever have had problems with the lasso straps getting cut behind the wheel, by brake or suspension parts, we recommend adding the protective sleeves. They will help with chafing and cutting, by metal parts, making your straps last longer.

If you are hauling vehicles like Jeeps etc. with big off road tires, check out our dual ratchet wheel straps. Works great for big tires, or heavier vehicles.

Please note, we see more and more of where companies are requiring the use of 3-point over the wheel straps, instead of lasso straps.
So if you are planning to haul new cars from the manufacturer, please make sure you know what kind of straps are required.

If you have any questions, just give us a call!

NEW FOR 2022: LOWER PRICE: DOT Tape in Dallas, TX. See AH-DOT66
So if your DOT tape needs replacing, and you are ordering straps that ships from Dallas; Click the link above, add the tape to your order of straps, and save on shipping!