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10 FT Diamond Weave REWH Wheel Strap-Complete-Colors

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10ft Double-J Wire Hook Reinforced Eye strap. Comes with two Wire Hooks, 3 Rubber Tire Cleats, and 4 Stoppers.
These 10 footers are great as replacement straps for our Ratchet Straps.
Features extra heavy duty Diamond Weave webbing, three rubber tread cleats and 4 stoppers to keep the tread cleats from sliding around too much.
Will also work on some positions on strap trucks, closer to the wheels, where you don't want to wind up a giant beehive of strap material on the ratchet!
2,000 LB WLL
No ratchet handle included!

Availability: Production Time 2-4 days
Ships From: Dallas, TX
Length: 10 ft
Bolt Loop: no bolt loop
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue
Fits Trailers: Boydstun Chain, Cottrell Chain Truck, Cottrell NextGen, Delavan 2000 or Newer, JM Trailer, Lugo, Sun Country 2007 or Newer, Sun Valley 2007 or Newer, Take 3, Wally Mo
Hook Style: 5k Wire Hook
Idler: 1 idler hook
Ratchet handle included?: No
Tread grabs: 3 tread grabs
Spacers: Yes

Our Price: $14.34
Sale Price: $13.23
Ships from: Dallas, TX
Strap Color:
6K or 10K Double-J WireHook: