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10 ft Diamond Weave ratchet wheel strap w wire hooks -Blue

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NEW; Now comes with reinforced eye at the end of the long strap.
The reinforced eye will protect the strap better, in case you end up driving over the hook!

This 10ft(+Ratchet) wheel strap may look like other wheel straps, but there are several things that make it different!
Diamond Weave straps have a built in fiber we call ZoneEdge that helps protect the edge from getting cut easily...
The patented Weave protects the strap from premature fraying, look at it and you can see the tighter weave...
HOLD it in your hand and feel the difference between Diamond Weave and other straps.
Tread grabs slide freely or chose the optional 1" sewn stopper strap.
3,333 LB WLL

Availability: In Stock
Ships From: Dallas, TX
Length: 10 ft
Bolt Loop: no bolt loop
Color: Blue
Fits Trailers: Boydstun Chain, Cottrell Chain Truck, Delavan 2000 or Newer, JM Trailer, Lugo, Sun Country 2007 or Newer, Sun Valley 2007 or Newer, Take 3, Wally Mo
Hook Style: 8k Wire Hook
Idler: 1 idler hook
Ratchet handle included?: Yes
Tread grabs: 3 tread grabs
Spacers: Yes

Our Price: $26.95
Sale Price: $24.95
Ships from: Dallas, TX