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2" x 10' DIAMOND WEAVE Wheel Strap with 2' Low Pro Grip Sleeve & Double-J Ratchet Handle (color options)

  • 2" x 10' Wheel Strap with Double-J Wire Hook, with a Double-J Wire Idler Hook.
  • Choice of TEN Diamond Weave™ webbing colors.
  • 2" Short Wide Ratchet Handle with Double-J Wire Hook
  • 2' Low Profile Sleeve Included on Strap
  • 3,333 lbs safe WLL (working load limit)

Availability: Production Time 2-4 days
Ships From: Dallas, TX
Length: 10 ft
Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Hi Viz Green, Blue, Gray, Black, Pink, Purple
Fits Trailers: Boydstun Chain, Cottrell Chain Truck, Delavan 2000 or Newer, JM Trailer, Lugo, Sun Country 2007 or Newer, Sun Valley 2007 or Newer, Take 3, Wally Mo
Hook Style: 8k Wire Hook
Idler: 1 idler hook
Ratchet handle included?: Yes
Tread grabs: Low Profile tread grab
Working Load Limit (WLL): 3,333 lbs
Webbing Material: Diamond Weave

Our Price: $29.95
Ships from: Dallas, TX
Strap Color: