Does your company fabricate something that could sell on this site? Here are some things you should know:

1. Companies that provide the best pictures and descriptions of their products sell more through our websites. If your product is more money than your competitor's product, you need to explain why you charge more money. We may occasionally add our commentary to certain product descriptions, but generally, the quality of your listing is your responsibility.

2. We're basically just giving you a stage-- it's up to you to "sing for your supper!"
Since we generally apply the same profit margin within a category, manufacturers that have the best price tend to sell more. Exceptions to this rule are manufacturers that make a product that is demonstrably superior to the competition's product.

3. Your pictures are yours. Your descriptions are yours.
The images and product descriptions that you send us will be used to promote your products. The exception to this is possible use of your image in the Category image. If we use any of your images in a product category, we will make every effort to mention that product's part number within the text of the category description. If we are using your product's photo for the Category image, and we didn't put your part number in the text please let us know!

4. What's yours is yours-- so why not use it to sell more product!
Some manufacturers worry that the investment they made in creating high quality images will somehow be lost if they share them with online distributors. Nothing could be further from the case, for two reasons:

  • By providing distributors like us with better quality images and product descriptions that are more detailed, manufacturers increase the probability that customers will select their product.
  • Manufacturers are protected by intellectual property laws, and in some cases, trademark law. Any original written description, even if it is not marked as such, is protected under copyright law. (Even though we have three attorneys in the family, we have no desire to be sued.)
5. "But my competition is on your site!"
You wouldn't expect the grocery store to only offer one brand of cereal. But you would expect the Kellogg's salesman to make sure he got his product on the shelves of all the major grocery stores in the world.

6. "My company already has a website."
Great! In all likelihood, we probably already have several companies listing the same products you manufacture-- but that doesn't mean we don't want to list your products. It could be that certain customers will prefer yours because they have a higher working load limit, or they're cheaper, or perhaps they come with different options unavailable from other manufacturers. A good way to think about web sites is to look at them as salespeople. Just because you have one good sales person doesn't mean you wouldn't give another one a chance to prove him or herself!

7. "But what sort of pricing should I give you? I don't know what volume of business you're going to give me!"
The companies that sell the most, usually have the best pricing-- but not always. If people based their purchasing decisions on price alone, everybody would be driving Hyundai Accents (which I believe got a fairly decent rating in Consumer Reports). Put whatever price on your product you feel is appropriate.

If you would like to explore using our stores to sell the products that you manufacture, please give us a call at 866-855-4285. We will send you a Vendor information packet, which gives you more detailed information.