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Wheel Strap for Can-Am Spyder and more- Low Pro Sleeve

SKU: SS-A-2x8-Can-Am
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Wheel straps made for the Can-Am Spyder and other 3 wheel motorcycles with car style tires!
Comes with our Low Profile Sleeve and Horizontal E-track fittings. Main photo credit: B. Hamblin
The low profile sleeve helps keeping the strap on the tire, to make it more secure, while still being much easier to use than the old style rubber tread grabs!
Sold as single strap. order two or three depending on need.

The low profile sleeve fits under the fender of the front tires, and the low profile E-track slot fitting and sleeve, is thin enough to slide over the rear tire under the fender.
Made with Diamond Weave webbing, available in Blue, Red, Goldenrod(Yellow) and Black.

Availability: Production Time 2-4 days
Ships From: Dallas, TX
Color: Yellow, Red, Black, Blue
Fits Trailers: Enclosed Trailer
Hook Style: 6k wire hook, e-track clip bull ring, E-Track Low Profile Idler
Idler: 1 idler hook
Length: 8 ft
Ratchet handle included?: Yes
Tread grabs: Low Profile tread grab

Our Price: $34.95
Ships from: Dallas, TX
Type of Fastener:
Color Option: