Some information about Diamond Weave wheel straps and cargo straps

Diamond Weave is a patented design that offers great abrasion-resistance and also edge protection.  U.S. Patent: 8,136,555 Diamond Weave™ 

It is easy to see the difference in quality between regular webbing and Diamond Weave webbing in this video:

 Here is a photo that shows how different the weave of Blue Diamond Weave webbing is from ordinary yellow webbing.  

Which of these wheel straps do you suppose will hold up better in the extreme conditions found on a car hauler trailer or a flatbed or heavy haul trailer?  Diamond Weave is made from a newly patented process that protects against both abrasion, as well as minimizes the damage caused by nicking and fraying of the edges.  It's woven in the USA and stitched to order for you in the USA also.  If you thought America wasn't still manufacturing, think again!  Available for pickup in the Dallas shop, and soon, Chicago also.

  • This strap has stripes 1/8th of an inch in from the outside edges to help you assess strap wear.
  • The different weave on the outside 1/8th of an inch prevents unraveling across the transverse face of the strap.
  • The tigher "knot-like" weave of the strap resists wear and tensions immediately, even when the strap is new. Standard weave straps tend to stretch out more before they are "broken in"
  • Superior abrasion resistance!

Want to see what a strap looks like after a year of being used HARD?  Click image below.



For car haulers operating wedge trailers using side mount wheel straps and ratchets.  (click on image for detailed information)

8ft Diamond Weave Lasso Strap with O-Ring 


10ft Diamond Weave Lasso Strap with Sewn Loop



For car haulers operating chain trucks who need hand ratchet wheel straps


 10 ft Diamond Weave ratchet wheel strap with double J wire hooks -Blue10 ft Diamond Weave ratchet wheel strap with swivel J hooks

For car haulers operating converted chain trailers that use "over-tire" wheel straps with built in ratchet boxes

16 ft wheel strap made with new Diamond Weave material

15 ft wheel strap for Cottrell style auto hauler with swivel J hooks

12 foot Diamond Weave wheel strap with swivel J hooks, tread grabs and stopper strap 

 Replacement straps to fit Cottrell Next Gen trailers, or if you want to convert your existing chain trailer into a strap trailer:

16 FT Diamond Weave REWH Wheel Strap-Complete-Colors


12 FT Diamond Weave Swivel-J Wheel Strap-Complete-Colors



 And yes, we also have blue diamond weave available for enclosed car trailers with horizontal or vertical e-track  Click here.

And last but not least, we also are offering basket wheel straps (tire bonnets) in a fully adjustable design.  Behold:


Fully Adjustable Basket Wheel Strap in Blue Diamond Weave